Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Got back from the indoor race in Denmark yesterday. It feels tropical coming back home, it was sooooo cold in Denmark!

The track looked good at a first look, pretty mellow and nothing too challenging but it looked like it would be a good race. Unfortunately after riding it in practice our views changed... it was so soft in places it just had no flow. The first berm got so torn up they put wooden boards and carpet on the top (though I heard the wooden berms were really for Jamie's benefit to make him feel at home!). This made it much better, though the other berms still sucked - I came really unstuck here going from 3rd to 6th in Saturday's final on these crappy berms! Props to the organisers though, we came back on sunday to find all berms had been given the wood and carpet treatment. The track rode loads better and I really enjoyed it.

Elite Women only had 8 riders on sunday so it was the best of 3 races - quite good in a way as it was like 3 finals. I had a great first race, I just followed Shinny to make it a GB 1-2. I got squeezed in the 2nd final but went from 6th to 4th in the first berm. In the last round I got stuck on the outside...I was 4th but whilst chasing for 3rd I ended up 5th out the last turn - I pumped through the finish jumps to the line and stole 4th place back to take 3rd overall. Shanaze stole the show taking the win and the series...."did you know one likes ones earl grey?" ! Signing autographs is becoming second nature to Shanaze but she was still surprised when a fan asked her to sign a homemade compilation of shanaze pictures in poster form!

Most of the GB boys were sick or injured for this race, but Kelvin represented and after a couple of crashes on saturday he bounced back to make the final finishing 5th on sunday. Jamie Staff made his BMX comeback and was powering away from everyone round those veledrome corners! He was unbeaten until he slid out in the semi.

So now I'm back in tropical Norwich for a week and then off to France on a road trip for a week of riding tracks and trails...wahoo!!

Monday, February 05, 2007

How can you tell when an elephants been in your fridge?

After the storm damage we managed to get the trails riding again, only for me and scoob to turn up last week to see the main line looking pretty worse for wear. We initially thought it was rain damage again but then we spied the footprints prints....I guess the cows had been watching for so long they wanted to have a go themselves, but they must have struggled cause they had a sit down and a breather on the first berm and completely trashed it!

Anyway we got most of it going again now and had a good ride on saturday. Here's a vid that scoob took on my phone:

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