Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Sunny September

Monday, September 24, 2007

A summer weekend at the end of september... BBQ's, trails and friends. Nearly everyone fell off at some point yesterday, though everyone was unscathed except Scooby. But other than that, what a weekend! In fact, I think Ross said he enjoyed the seat up his bum. Or maybe I am getting confused with the conversation about the lorry park locals? Thanks to those who let us visit there trails :o) Will stick some video up later.

For now, here's a clip from Chezzy track the other week:

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Dusty Weekend

Headed over to Royston today to watch the Club Champs. The sun was shining but it was super windy, I am now covered in a thick layer of dust! It was an exciting days racing though, the starter got lairy, there was nearly a fight mid race and somebody lost a glove.

It was nice to chill out, watch and take some pics on my phone, the Norwich boys and girls did well check out http://www.norwichbmx.co.uk/ for a report soon. After the race I headed over to some trails with the Hardcore Hobbies crew for a bit, there was a big tail wind, but it was a bit scary for the mains today so I just had some fun on the smaller line and called it a day at dusk.

Does any one know where you can buy crotch protractors? I hear they are essential for perfecting one footed tables.

More of my Photos here:

Above Left: Williams Below: Local Rider

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Joey's X-up

This is far as it goes. My arms are too short. And my shoulders are too tight. And my bars are too wide. And any thing else I can think to moan about.

Monday, September 10, 2007

4X World Champs

In case you missed it, I was on BBC2 yesterday, they showed my quarter and semi final from the worlds at 2pm! It was pretty good coverage, 4X does make pretty good TV. It didn't quite show the steepness of the course and it looked slower than it looks when you are right there, but it was a really positive step for MTB.
It's all over for another year, but this was the best yet. On home turf, the crowds turned out in their thousands to watch the 4X, I was quite shocked when I came down the hill for my Quarter final as it had been a while since my last practice run. It was a lot darker but most of all I noticed how many more people there were watching! It was mental. I can't describe the feeling of all those people all shouting for you, and cheering so loud when you cross the line and go through to the next round. I made it through the quarter with no problems. The Semi-final was always going to be tough... I drew 2nd fastest seed Melissa Buhl, Reigning World Champ Jill Kintner and the rider who almost wona World Cup, Rachel Seydoux. I had gate four it was going to be a long way round the outside berm but I gave it my best shot, I pulled fairly level with Buhl for 2nd place but being on the outside for the next turn, I had to tuck in behing and chase her down the course. I got closer at the finish but it wasn't enough.
I had had an amazing experience though, I was stoked on it, so many people saying well done and all the kids at the finish around wanting to give you a hi-five! I gotta mention the local boys from ringland, they were up on the start sraight when my race was held up, waving the union jack and shouting for me! It was so cool, really gave me a confidence boost! Also the guy who bet his mates a tenner he could get my autograph while I was queing to get me van out the car park.... I'll be expecting my cut in the post! ;o) Jill eventually went on to retain her title and then the guy presenting the medals nearly ripped her injured arm off on the podium!

Thank you so much to everyone who supported me.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Tara Llanes injured

The day I left to go to Fort William for the Worlds I read some bad news on the internet. Whilst racing the Jeep series race last weekend, MTB legend Tara Llanes had a terrible crash and had to be airlifted to hospital. The news is not good, she has broken her back and currently does not have feeling in her legs. This is the second helping of bad news in a very short space of time. I hear Tara will be starting her recovery at Denver, the same place as Stephen Murray. Tara was due to race the Worlds this week. We missed you Tara. It is early days yet, stay strong, I know your a tough little cookie! Love Joey x

More on the Worlds tomorrow.

Monday, September 03, 2007

The Road to the Worlds

This weekend I started my journey to Fort William MTB Worlds. For some reason I got my diary in a muddle and thought there was an NPS 4X this weekend... but, er, I was wrong. Luckily I found this out before I left! So a quick change of plan meant my first stop would be Mansfield BMX track.

Mansfield had a re-vamp not so long ago, I've always liked the track but I like it a bit more now. The second straight is a bit trails like, so really good fun. They have also recently got a random chip for their gate, so I got the MTB out for a bit of practice for the worlds.
After Mansfield I went to Rotherham for a quick spin with Tuffy and Bailey, though it was a bit windy so we quickly headed over to some trails I'd been invited to check out by hardcore northerner turned norwich farmer, Jonny! Gotta say he's still pretty damn hardcore, his trails are nuts and he had a crazy stack missing the landing of a set. Rad! Tuffy was going HUGE off these too. Stupid high.
Sunday headed to Chezzy to meet up with DC, Lauren and Pro Al. It soon started to rain though and it looked like our day would be over before it started. We still trekked over to the play track in Brampton in the hope that it wouldn't be so wet there, and luckily it wasn't, though it was pretty windy. We got a good hour or so of fun, riding every line in every direction... I had a nice flat landing after jumping the triple and not slowing down for the following small double, oops! We were even privelaged to have the presence of Paddy the Daddy...and on a BMX to boot!

So after another fun day, I made the next stage of my journey and headed North. Monday Lunchtime I headed over to Hamsterley forest to get a little bit of MTBing in. The guys are so friendly over there! The 4X was the same as last time I rode it looks like they have some big changes planned, there are markings for the new jumps and lines and the diggers are due in this week, so it'll be ready for the NPS at the end of September.

Later on in the day I made another bike swap and headed to Hartlepool BMX track with my cousin Gary. It was pretty windy up there but it's always good fun, it's downhill and you don't have to pedal much. It reminds me a lot of the old High Wycombe track. I loved that track. It was pretty cold and when my fingers felt like they were gonna drop off I called it a day.
Tomorrow I make the final leg of my journey up to Fort William, and the rain!

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