Saturday, December 15, 2007




Some photos Tricker sent me some from the other week, when he and Jonny came over to ride.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

St Ettienne Euro Round 1

The first euro rounds of 07/08 happened at the weekend, not so much of a gap since the last race this year.

There was a lot of crashes happening, unfortunately I was one of them! On day one I drew a tough moto with Anne Caro and Le Corgielle and a couple of other main makers from last year, but I was feeling good and got a 3rd and a 2nd in the first two motos. In the last moto I mis-judged a double, I'm not entirely sure what happened but I crashed pretty hard. I still qualified for the semi but I hurt my hip and couldn't put any weight on it and was a bit concussed too, so I couldn't race :0( I still couldn't walk on it sunday morning but after some pain killers it improved massively and although I couldn't race, I was just relived it was nothing serious and I'll be back on it in no time. Thanks to the guys that helped me to and from the stands saturday night so I could watch the finals!

Sunday saw even more crashes, it seemed like every semi had a faller. It took forever, not helped by the over careful first aiders but hey you can't really complain about that (When I fell I tried several times to get up and they shoved me back down, insisting they put me on the stretcher. I finally managed to get them to let me stand up. Then realised I couldn't walk...what an idiot I felt like then!) Bloomy had some great gates and was right up there in his first race back after a year out with injury. He certainly hasn't lost his silky smooth skills thats for sure! Liam P was flying on his first elite outing, crashing outday one and unlucky not to make the main on day 2, he was in a qualifying position in the semi but got caught up on the outside in the supertight 2nd corner. Kelvin was also looking fast but crashed out both days, the semi on day 1 and the quarter on day 2. Those corners did seem like a lottery sometimes for the elite men. Shanaze was GB's only finalist on day 2, she had blitzed the final on day one but left a bit of a gap in the first turn on day 2 and got pushed out, with France's le Corgielle snatching the win.
Next rounds, Zwolle Indoor in January.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

En France

Since Monday I've been over in france with Team GB. We have been on a little pre race camp just to get the team all together and ride some good tracks before the first Euro round in St Ettienne this weekend. On tuesday we went to montelimar track which was fast, steep and deep! It was pretty gusty up there too which made it even more challenging at times.

Wednesday we hit up the gym in the AM and in the afternoon headed to Mours track to join in on one of their club sessions. With no wind and blue skys the fast flowing track was a treat to ride! We could even ride till just after dusk with their full flood light set up. There was coaching going on and so many good riders, it is a really cool set up they have there. Thursday we headed back to montelimar, mainly to brush up our random gates for the race this weekend.

We are now in St Ettienne, practice was late last night for us. The track didn't ride as good as it looked but still not bad, no soft spots and its riding pretty fast so thats good for an indoor!! It kind of goes from one extreme to the other, some really mellow jumps with no lips and some steep and deep jumps too. Not much pedalling thats for sure!

First day of racing is today but we don't even start practice till 5. It's gonna be a late one.

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