Sunday, February 17, 2008

Gates and photos

No updates for a while, I've been busy!

Last saturday I did a trails photo shoot with Emily Horridge and Katy Curd, the weather was fantastic it was a really fun day it felt like summer until the sun started going down! Here's a pic emily took from the day (left).

Spent a few days in Manchester this week meeting our new coach and stopped by mansfield on the way home on saturday for their increasingly popular gate practice sessions. It really is the place to be at the moment, loads of fast guys there on saturday including Bloomy, Dan C, Tuffy and Jessop pullin on his new superlight supercross... It's great to get on a full gate of 8 and get your first straight on!
Those of us going on the roadtrip to france next week were already smiling at the thought of it. It was a little cold at mansfield on saturday but the sunshine and smooth running track was a little teaser of whats to come next week!

After the gym earlier in the week I popped over to the trails I used to spend a fair bit of time at to take some photos (below). Check the rest out here.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Denmark Euro Rounds

Bit late on the update of this one, I've been a bit ill this week :0(

We arrived friday, the track looked ok but very tame... All the other classes practice before us, so the track got nicely torn up in all the soft spots. After 1 lap, they cancelled practice promising to sort it out for the next day! They used similar tactics to last years race when the corners were too soft, laying down wood and carpet, though this time in the middle of the jumps. It made it waaay better, it was much faster. Not much they could do about the lame design but hey nevermind.

I was feeling good this weekend except struggling with the gate on the flat start hill. I had some good results in the motos all weekend to easily make the semis. Day 1 there was a big hold up while we were on the gate - no crash - just some sort of dispute from a previous race. No one told us what was happening, so we didn't have much warning when the gate was started. I totally blew my gate and finished 6th. Day 2 I had a much better gate in the semi and was top 4 down the start hill, but then I got nudged off balance on the first jump and lost a couple of places whilst trying to stay on... I got back to 5th in the first turn and chased all the way but just missed out on the final.

Next race Douai France in 2 weeks from now. Looking forward to this one, from the plans it looks like a typically french technical track! :o)

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