Thursday, March 20, 2008

Flow Myth

Just been building up my new 4x frame!

It's a flow myth, one of the few hardtails around that has been designed specifically for 4X. It's seriously light.... check it out.

Sunday, March 09, 2008


Up in Manchester at the moment doing some training stuff, staying at Shanazes house (thanks shanaze!) We've been cruising round manchester in her boy racer ride with the windows down in our spare time!

Went to Mansfield today for gates, oh my god it was windy! I thought I was gonna fall over on the gate loads of times... right in your face most of the time then the odd side ways gust now and again, nice! Still a good turn out though.

Here's some more pics from france that Al sent me, from his camera this time and black and white, I like it....



The crew 08

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Races and Roadtrips!

BELOW: Joey at Chabueil- Photo taken by Alec with my camera!

Last weekend I headed to the Euro Rounds in Douai, Northern France. The track design had looked pretty tech but the track was only 270m long so a lot of the jumps were left out! A good decision, the track rode well for an indoor. No soft spots and a nice flowing track with plenty of jumps. The only downsides were the slippy corners and breathing in the dirt that was used all weekend!

I didn't really feel on it in practice or in the motos, not really feeling quick to the first jump. I made the semi though and gave it my all. Coming from gate 8, turn 1 was a bit messy but I came out in 5th place, there were 3 of us pretty close in 3rd/4th/5th going into the last turn, I went out wide and cut inside to take 4th and a place in my first final. Gate 8 again, I couldn't do much getting tangled up in the first turn. Sunday was much the same story, but I knew I had as good a chance as anyone come semi final time. From gate 8 again, I was 5th out the first corner and saw a space up the inside of the second straight rhythm section which I took to put me in 4th, It was a battle to the line but I held on to make my second final of the weekend where I finished 6th. Stoked!

After the race I quickly headed of to catch the TGV train down to Valence to meet up with the French Road trip boys where I would stay until the following Saturday. After a bit of confusion over which train station I was at, the convoy of 3 vans showed up and there was a bit of a race between the vans to see who could kidnap me first! Spirits were high as usual, they had been for steaks and pina coladas at the buffalo grill!

Over the week we travelled 3000km and rode 20 or so tracks. The weather was fantastic getting up to 22 degrees and the tracks are so tech and fun. My favourites were:
Cornillon- where we sessioned the track and trails for a good few hours until the sun went down. Montelimar- which has the most tech last straight ever and a nuts first straight which Tuffs tripled up - the first rider to ever do it - it was mental. Pascal who looks after the track even ran the gate for us until we were done and ready to go back to the hotel and collapse! Chabuiel - a new one on the list for me, it had a fun set into the first turn and the 3rd straight was pretty tight and tech. The local boy was rad as kenny! Pernes Les Fontaines - Most of this track is having a face lift but the first straight was still there, massive floaty jumps braaaaap!!!

Tuffy going mental!

I really can't explain how good this trip is. Everyones so easy going but at the same theres no hanging about! Out in the morning at 8, ride till sundown, shower, eat and sleep ready for the next day. You kinda forget your just doing it for a week, so much fun and laughter and riding little bikes all day everyday, like they say its living the dream!! Jonny and Stoney kept us amused all week always putting the bike down a little earlier than the rest of us for beer and banter! Tuffy is just mental, he does stuff the rest of us wouldn't even look at, without you suspecting a thing. Dan crashed hard the first day I was there and had to have a load of stitches in his hand. A coupla days later though and he was back to his best without a moan about his injuries! The little time we did have between riding and drving was filled in with "big coffee milks" and launching left overs between vans.... cheese, juice, cashews, banana skins, oranges, melons... anything goes!!

Here's the video of Tuffs tripling it up at Montelimar, zut alors!!

We didn't get home with out a few mishaps, everyone who had their helmet as hand luggage was stopped at security and not allowed through, Al wasn't allowed his tripod incase he shot someone with it, and then Lauren misplaced her passport and Steve lost his boarding pass. It all worked out in the end though, phew!!

I took loads of photos, check out a selection on my flickr album CLICK HERE

Till next time mon amis...

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