Thursday, January 22, 2009

Corby Skatepark

Bit of a change of scenery this week. Scoob and I trekked over to Corby Skatepark on tuesday during the day while it was nice and quiet.

I've never ridden much park, but it's drier and a bit warmer in there and pretty fun to rag about over the jump boxes. There is of course the foam pit too... I'm ashamed to say I did have a go at sending a flip into the foam. I got just far enough to bury my head in there real good! Thing is, although the foam is fairly soft, landing head first still gives your body some grief. I only tried it a couple of times before I'd had enough. The next day I had sore shoulders, a bit of a headache and a sore ankle from rolling it jumping out of a 360. I don't normally have that many ijuries riding dirt! False sense of security comes to mind. It's also bloody hard work climbing out of there, especially when your head is buried lower than your legs!

Scooby got back into the swing of pulling 3's, landing a few on the resi and doing Doyle-esque table 3's into the foam. Bosh!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Digging & test riding

Scoob and me have been getting in the shovel work recently, ressurecting the back line mainly this week and turning it into something fun and flowy rather than the hard work it was before. Digging out bowls, extending landings, making the lips and landings taller... it's all made it super fun! We also built up our jump into the berm, so now you can jump into the top corner and it's like a rollercoaster from there on.

On wednesday we made a few more tweaks and tested it all out in the fog. We couldn't see much but it all worked good, it was pretty fun. Scoob was determined to try out our new taller 3rd landing on the mains too, but it was so foggy that when you took off you struggled to see the landing. I took the first run up and just kept expecting to be able to see the jump a bit better when I got there....but it never seemed to happen! Still, it seemed to work pretty good, so we are looking forward to the rain when we will build the lip up to match it.

Incase we hadn't given our bodies enough abuse, we went to boxing training afterwards for a tough session. Really good though, we had steam coming off our heads. The skills are finally starting to come together a bit now as we are practicing the moves a bit faster.

Photos, top to bottom: Scoob in the fog; new bowl on the backline; Joey table on the hip; Scoob MXing it up on the hip

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Christmas week

Christmas week was pretty good for us nor-folk. Despite the cold temperatures, we managed to ride trails nearly every day! We had a bit of a jam at our place one day with the Bury boys and Tricker visiting. It got a bit hairy in the high winds but it's all good fun.

New Years day we headed to Snape for what has now become a bit of a Hardcore Hobbies crew tradition. We always have fun there and this time was no different, highlights of the day were Williams pulling out a one foot x-up, Rebecca and Stifflers race around the dirt bowl and Rebecca making it through the first 3 of the main line. Everyone was stoked for her and she was doing them so smooth too! So much so that she was presented the achievement of the day medal! There is another similar medal floating about for crash of the day but that one is not so saught after....Scoob keeps trying to get rid of it but keeps on winning it back much to his annoyance.

Last monday a few of us headed over to Bury to hange out with the HArdcore Hobbies crew and watch the new S&M Bikes video. It's a really cool vid with a fair bit of trails in too, check it out :o)

This past weekend me and Scoob hit the shovels and made some big improvements down the trails, making the 3rd set a foot or so taller and the back line way more flowy and fun! We have so many plans for tweak here and there, we are gradually getting through them but it is so dry at the moment t's difficult to pack in a lip. Carpet seems to do the trick though. Some of the dirt was frozen solid today too which didn't help. Hopefully we'll get some more done during the week.

Started back at boxing this week and we discovered the guys who run it are FMX riders. They've done loads of displays and built there own foampits and stuff, pretty cool. Oh yeah and I hit Scoob on the nose a couple of times...accidently of course!


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