Thursday, September 24, 2009


Last weekend was the British Championships in Cheddar. I wasn't racing but spent a few days there riding and filming the racing. I headed to Cheddar on Thursday with Scooby who was racing in what must be only his 2nd Brits. I never thought he would be competitive but it's getting him, he was nervous and everything!

We were camping but the weather couldn't be better and we were camping in luxury as much as that is possible.. we had an electric hook up so we took a kettle, laptop & DVD's and our cooking pal George Formby. It was good to be out in the fresh air, camping is underated!

Practice was fun on thursday, not too many people, I like the first straight at cheddar and enjoyed doing gates. Friday was much busier, so after a few laps I knocked it on the head... On saturday me, scoob, becca, jay and joe decided to go and check out one of the other local tracks in Bath. This to me is what regional tracks should be like, the jumps were flowy and well built, just smaller than your average track. We had a lot of fun and from the second straight you always found yourself riding the track to the end as it rolled down hill.

Sunday, well, what a day. I really enjoyed watching for a change. There was around 700 riders showing the numbers are increasing all the time, the numbers showed in the crowds too, it made a great atmosphere, particularly come final time. I made a little video, you can hear the amount of noise! Not too much happened in the semi's which was strange, but the finals really went off, just watch the video... if you think racing is just follow the leader these days you thought wrong! The passion and determination of the riders was awesome, pushing their limits, never giving in.

British Championships 2009 from joeybmx on Vimeo.

After all the excitement on sunday, Scoob and I did the touristy thing and hiked up a nice steep hill to get to the top of cheddar gorge. It didn't look that steep from the bottom, but when we got half way up we kinda realised how wrong we were! Still, it was worth it, the views are amazing, and we came across a few random goats. On the path back down (we stuck to the proper route this time) you walk down all these log steps in the trees, it's really cool, and there was a little cave in the woods too. We would have liked to go in Gough's Cave but at £16 we weren't so keen. Did try using my name for a discount but they weren't buying it... we were content with a coffee and a big slice of fruit cake at the cafe anyway before walking back up the gorge to the van.

Our trip almost over, we had one more stop on the list. Keith and Renee kindly put us up for the night and headed to Wisley with us on Tuesday, thanks for the hospitality guys! It was a great day, all the lines were running and were so fun, massive sets, hips, steep berms, we rode till we couldn't ride any more. Big thanks to Gareth for having us, was a great sesh!

Here's some random Cheddar Gorge pics:


I have nothing more to say about this..

Team Goff BMX Training Session from joeybmx on Vimeo.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Ady Warden

Just a little edit I did of Norwich BMX local and 40+ race champ Ady Warden, sessioning Norwich BMX track on saturday, also starring Jonny STD!

Ady from joeybmx on Vimeo.

Murray Jam 2009

Great day for a great cause, good to catch up with some old friends and make some new ones!

Check out this vid of the day by Will Evans

Murray Jam 2009 from Will Evans on Vimeo.

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