Thursday, May 20, 2010

Gates, tracks and, ummm, road?

Ok a while since I posted and funnily enough it isn't because I have been at the trails non stop. In fact I have hardly been at all. The trails have been so rediculously dry, the wind has been the wrong way, and my riding buddy has been injured.

All sounds pretty crap eh. Well, not really. The summer started to arrive and I really got into riding the race track again. I really hate the track in the winter, it's freezing and windy as hell. Quite handy then, that the trails are so good for riding in the winter and not so much in the summer! I had real good fun thrashing about the track with Becca, Scoob and Ady, finding myself choosing to ride every straight against the wind in a very unlike me fashion. This sparked my interest and I decided to head to Codham regional with Becca to do some riding and hang out with the HH crew. Oh my, I haven't pedalled that much in ages! I loved doing gate after gate (even though I wished I'd brought some metal grippy pedals instead of the stupid plastic pink ones), the second straight was really fun to jump (though i think most would disagree!) and it was great hangin out at a race again for a change. Jay killed it in masters and Becca once again exceeded her expectations getting a brilliant 6th in masters. After the racing Becca and I headed for play on Braintree's track too, where I rode til I couldn't ride anymore. Ace!

Since then, things have really taken a bizarre turn. Somehow, last sunday after 2 hours of gates and razzing about the track in the sun, I ended up on a ride through the country roads of norfolk, in search for coffee and cake. Mmmm, cake. One thing led to another, and now I seem to be doing the Norwich 50 road ride ..... draw your own conclusions.

Last thing, watch this animation created by an old friend from school, it really is ace. Check it out!

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