Sunday, August 21, 2011

Italy World Cup 4x

Well nothing went quite right for me here from the start!

Was feeling ill on day 1 of practice, that combines with 30 degree heat wasn't ideal. I did manage to jump the whole pro section though and was the only girl to do it in first practice. I was finding the rest of the track pretty slippy as they had dumped a load of surface on top of the overgrown track to hide the grass!!

Day two practice was a bit cooler and easier to cope with. I got the pro line done 2nd go really easily and was having fun! Come qualifying it all went wrong though. As I went into the 3rd turn my back wheel got a big drift on and I thought I'd lost it completely... I stuck my foot out and stopped dead at 90 degrees. It was a dip in the track so it was tough getting going again, but I thought I better still hit the pro line to make up for the disaster! Well that didn't go to plan either as I wasn't carrying quite as much speed as I would of and had to sky the first set, meaning when I landed I didn't have the speed for the second. So I had to pull out of the too, slowing me right down and losing any momentum. I scraped through in 15th! Disaster.

Anyway I was through, that's all that mattered. After qualis there was a short floodlit practice session, not that many people rode it was mainly a session of Brits having fun! Riding the track with Identiti team mate Pat C-J and the other guys was so fun, I was starting to love riding the loose turns and looking forward to racing.

On saturday I knew my first round may be tough after qualifying so bad and I would most likely get left with an outside gate having last pick. I knew I was capable of a good gate though after snapping a few lads in practice and shutting them down!

On the start line though, the random drop was a long wait... and I messed up, missing it badly. Somehow I pulled back to the first corner, stuck my foot out and held 2nd out the first turn. I was hoping to be in the lead but after a bad gate it wasn't gonna happen. It was close all the way down and coming out the 5th turn I was held up a bit by the leader, and didn't jump over the logs far enough... I knew i was being tracked close and to be honest I came in to the next turn knowing I needed to stay tight but not really knowing where I was going! Consequently, I rode the turn badly and so turned even more to try and cut off the inside rock line... which meant I slowed down a bit more! I almost had it but just lost it... then to top it of the girl in front lost control and wiped out my front wheel, sending me flying straight into the next lip. Game over.

So that was it. Not really as successful as I'd have liked, it just wasn't my weekend I guess. I made some mistakes and I'll learn from them, but I had a lot of fun riding out my comfort zone again so it's all experience to take with me.

Special mentions to Pat C-J who rode awesome all weekend drifting everywhere and looked like he was having so much fun on the track, making it through to the 1/4's and only just getting squeezed out by Wichman. Also, to junior rider Joe Mallinson, who qualified 48th in his first ever World cup and loved every minute! Awesome.

Right we are getting kicked out of the hotel room, so I'm off to pack up and go and watch the downhill.... come on Moseley!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

South West Extreme NPS 4X

Had a good weekend racing last week, two third places in the Masters men's class. I got a bit tangled down the first straight on day 2 and nearly crashed, but held on and was catching 2nd place all the way, just couldn't find a place to pass.

Now in Italy for the last round of the World Cup 4X. Track looks good and the weather is damn hot!!

Hope to update as the weekend goes on, so I better save some wifi time!


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