Sunday, September 11, 2011

Racing Ralphs

Bit of a lack of updates since Italy, been busy studying for an exam but also took a few days away to spend riding bmx.

Goose lives within the vacinity of some good tracks so we went to visit him first going for a session a at Birmingham BMX. I love this place, there 3rd and 4th straights are great fun. Moonbay and World No.2 Abi Taylor also joined us, we had a good session seeing what we could do with the last straight after not pedalling round the last turn. I didn't want to stop riding and really paid for it the next day!

Thing was I really wanted to ride a lot the next day as we were going to crewe track and I love it there too! We took a look at winsford track in the afternoon with Paddy and Moonbay which is a cool little play track, I tried not to do too much there though. Later on we caught up with Dogman and Goose at Crewe track the conditions couldn't have been better with hardly any wind at all. I was knackered from the start but I just wanted to jump everything so I had to ignore it! We had a good session on the first straight and then the pro section. Once over the first jump on that straight it wasn't much effort so that was a good option!

Saturday we had plans to ride Gypo trails but the wind put a stop to that. We checked out the new track just down the road instead which was pretty cool, another good job by C&K! I was on a wind down anyway really, it had been a good trip.

Sunday I took a day to chill and watch the DH Worlds. It wasn't great to begin with due to such harsh conditions out there... until Danny Hart came down the hill! Oh my god, I know it's been said so many times but his run was just unreal. In case you did miss it (somehow) here you go:

This week has been all about the Identiti 4X bike. On saturday, I rode 26 miles round thetford forest, hooking up with Toby Parodi to session some of the little tracks. It was pretty good fun I think we'll be doing more of that in the winter. 4XC - it's the future Paddy tells me.

I had put the Racing Ralphs on for Thetford and I popped to the track today for a bit of a solo ride whilst listening to Belinda Carlise for company! The Ralph's were fast...and I came back with such a big smile on my face, I love bikes!

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