Sunday, November 27, 2011

Winter Sun

So were nearly at the end of November and still the sun is shining on the weekends for us.

Last weekend Jonny and me were up for a bit of racing, so we headed over to Braintree regional for the EA Winter series race. We were a little concerned we wouldn't be able to see the first turn from the gate as we drove through some terrible fog on the way there.

When we got there we were right, you couldn't see the other side of the track! But by the time we faffed about registering, catching up with Jools and co and getting kitted up, the sun was beginning to shine and we were treated to clear blue skies and no wind, it wasn't even very cold.

There was a good rider count with 150 entries. I was racing in 30+ men and it was a good line up with some close racing. I won a couple of motos and was really enjoying it. During one of the breaks in racing Jonny and me took a walk around the track with a cuppa to take a couple of pics. There was some graffiti in the first turn that had been making me giggle every lap. Jonny hadn't noticed it til now, but very much enjoyed it too and felt the need to photograph it. We also discussed 360ing over the last turn and watched some nasty you tube crash videos along with some crazy Frenchy manual vids....we were psyched to get back on the track after that!

Jonny was on a mellow one after not racing for so long due to injuries, but he was just happy to be back racing and he made the A main in 17+. I had a good chance of doing well in my A main, but it was going to be tough! I didn't get as good a gate as I had been and was stuck on the outside of the first turn. Suddenly I looked down and there were loads of riders in a very small amount of space. I thought to myself, this could end badly... and with that, Jools slid sideways over the table and we all piled into him one by one! I think everyone was ok though.

After racing we were pretty done but managed to find just enough energy to jump the big double which we hadn't bothered to do earlier. Neither jonny nor me went anywhere near fast enough really but we just managed to survive haha. Jonny called it a day but I managed to jump it one more time and much cleaner than the first so I went home happy with that!

We had an ace day and I reckon we'll be back soon. We just have to remember we aren't there just to sit and chat to Jools, cause we all kept nearly missing our races, oops.

This weekend I stayed local at Norwich, it's been stupidly windy and blustery but the sun was still shining and there wasn't too many gusts of cross wind... so it was all good. I took a few snaps before the sun went down. Photos are of Jonny, Scooby, Ady and Ferg.

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